The History of a Long-Established Company

In 1964 CONFIDA Trust and Auditing Company Limited was founded by Dr. Peter Marxer and Adulf Peter Goop. Today it is a recognized and successful trust and consulting company at the national and international level. With this foundation a significant entrepreneurial step was taken and the services offered by the law firm Marxer & Partner Attorneys-at-Law were complemented in an excellent manner. Since then both companies and individuals have been served in the areas of book-keeping and accounting, real estate, business and tax consulting, and auditing.

In 1988 Adulf Peter Goop retired and handed over his company share to his son, Dr. Peter Goop, who left the company in 2007.

In 1993 another significant entrepreneurial step was taken by transferring the asset management business to the newly founded Centrum Bank AG. Thus, the range of services around value preservation and growth of client assets and the support of customers were expanded.

In 2014, half a century after the founding of CONFIDA Trust and Auditing Company Limited, a realignment occurred by creating the CONFIDA Group. Specific services were separated and transferred to different companies in order to be well prepared for future competition. The original CONFIDA Trust and Auditing Company Limited became the CONFIDA Holding Ltd. The entire real estate services sector was transferred to CONFIDA Immobilien AG, and accounting, fiduciary services, and business and tax consulting were transferred to CONFIDA Trust, Management and Tax Consulting Ltd. Another separation took place in the field of auditing by forming the separate and independent partner company, CONFIDA Auditing Company Limited.

In order to generate more added value for our customers wohn-loft Immobilien AG was taken over, which has conquered a good market position in a short time as a developer and general contractor for residential and commercial real estate.


As a business partner the CONFIDA Group offers you services in the following areas today: