Development of Existing Buildings

  • Strategische Entwicklung von Bestandsliegenschaften in Liechtenstein

    Strategische Entwicklung von Bestandsliegenschaften in Liechtenstein

Preservation of value for generations

Shell structures can survive for more than a hundred years. If a building is not regularly serviced and repaired, its substance severely deteriorates over time. Who maintains his property with the right strategy, can protect the value of the property in the long term, avoid vacancies, preserve its rentability, reduce operating and maintenance costs and increase revenues in the long run. Buildings with good quality shells are often underestimated in their development and repositioning. 

We support you as a competent and committed partner throughout the implementation and even assume responsibility for price, progress and quality.

Our Services

  • creating strategic reports
  • strategic planning for existing properties
  • feasibility checks
  • project definitions
  • cost estimations and cost estimates
  • supervision of construction and implementation, accounting
  • progress, quality and cost control
  • a.o.