Advice and Management

  • Bauherrenvertretung in Liechtenstein und Umgebung

    Bauherrenvertretung in Liechtenstein und Umgebung

The Pleasure of Real Estate - Thanks to Professional Care

Whether with condominiums, single or multi- family houses, with administrative buildings or vacant land - whoever owns property or land, searches, buys , builds, develops or sells, knows that many and important questions are to be considered. Questions relating to the value, the preservation of value, administration, taxation but also questions concerning permits, letting, maintenance etc. Thanks to many years of experience and great expertise we are your strong partner. We support you in all matters as the builder's representative.


Real Estate Trust Services

  • project management and builder’s representation for new buildings, reconstructions, refurbishments and renovations
  • construction monitoring
  • cost control
  • settling accounts for construction costs
  • reports in connection with planned construction projects
  • rent calculations
  • builder’s representation towards involved agencies and bodies
  • review of regulations for specific areas, utilization and development opportunities


  • establishing condominium ownership
  • preparation of regulations
  • proportional-value calculations, proportional-value changes
  • managing owners' meetings
  • a.o.

Construction of Contracts / Division of an Estate

  • drafting purchase, exchange, donation agreements etc.
  • drafting easement contracts (regulations for building in close proximity or on the property line etc.)
  • advising landowners in legal issues
  • advice on the division of an estate
  • a. o.