Accounting and Trust Services

Only efficient accounting and well-performed book-keeping permit targeted management

Accounting and finance is a key management tool in every business. Therefore, we customise our accountancy work to your specific needs. We keep books for regionally based SMEs as well as for international companies.


  • introduction of an accounting system, Management Information System (MIS ) and calculation procedures
  • introduction of controlling for efficient management
  • support in accounting
  • analysing interim and annual financial statements
  • expert opinions such as company valuations
  • investment controlling


  • Book-keeping for sole proprietorships and SMEs
  • performing financial and securities accounting for sole proprietorships, partnerships, legal persons, trusts and foundations
  • structuring consolidated financial statements in accordance with national and international standards
  • consolidation of financial statements of group companies in compliance with national and international standards
  • preparation of interim and annual financial statements
  • reporting under consideration of the interests of owners, investors and the public
  • payroll accounting and administration
  • filling in tax declarations

Trust Services

  • analysis and drafting of contracts
  • accountancy work
  • execution of directorships
  • processing trades
  • development, implementation and administration of franchising companies
  • execution of management functions
  • creating financial plans and performance analyses
  • management of payment transactions
  • management of accounts payable and monitoring of accounts receivable
  • management and exploitation of intellectual property rights, in particular, care of license and patent companies, film and art societies
  • holding direct or indirect interests
  • processing international trust transactions in consultation with our customers
  • taking care of customers’ personal affairs
  • management of financial accounting, including annual financial statements